As part of our engineering activities, our teams deploy our in-house systems engineering process dedicated to turnkey Design and Production projects. We implement a functional analysis in order to reflect the client’s needs into adapted product architecture. We decompose the normative, industrial and environmental constraints towards our business lines (electronics, mechanics, electricity, prototyping, testing) for the development phase and the integration, validation and verification phase. The coverage of needs is held by a performing traceability and adaptation to requirements together with the drafting of justification and testing files (reliability, AMDEC, simulation, calculation note, physical tests …).


  • Needs functional analysis
  • Requirements management
  • Product architecture
  • Reliability analysis
  • Check by test operation or analysis


AMETRA Ingénierie's project/process vision has given us experience in the general services provided from the study (cabling, interconnections, connections, feedback control) to completion (modelling and cabling of electronic systems and sub-systems, fixed-line cabling, etc). 

Now, this experience enables AMETRA Ingénierie, working with its sister company ANJOU Electronique, to offer works packages in electronic engineering.


  • Synoptics
  • Functional and Technical Design
  • Detailed and interconnection diagrams
  • Cable diagram and harness
  • Locations: Electrical cabinets, switchboards, etc
  • Environmental constraints: hazardous machines, EMC, hazardous areas, etc

Electronics & software

Our engineers and embedded electronics technicians work on developments held by strong dimensional, normative and environmental constraints. The proximity with our other expertise enables them to design the best adapted electronic cards and to anticipate all embedded intrinsic issues (size, dissipation, segregation…). Anjou Électronique offers industrialization and production facilities which enable the Group to position itself on the whole product lifecycle.


  • Electronic architecture
  • Analogue and Digital
  • Distribution and Conversion
  • Schematic
  • Routing
  • Prototyping and test


Our production teams connect and integrate complex electrical and electronic products according to the client’s requirements and the international standards IPC610 and IPC620. When launching a new product, the first mockups and pre-series are held by our prototypists. They bring their strong expertise to our Methods Department and develop together the best the best tools and methods dedicated to series production. Our cabling technicians manufacture the series productions and are strongly involved in the continuous improvement approach held by our UAP managers. Our Control team ensures the successful implementation of our production process and the conformity of delivered products thanks to visual and automatic controls.


  • Blueprint reading
  • Electrical wiring
  • Electronic wiring
  • Coating / Potting
  • Test
  • Adjustment
  • Final check


Our designers, design engineers and engineers support our clients in their product study and systems projects. Based on our strong multi-sector experience, we use our skills to meet the requirements of the project. Our know-how covering the entire design chain and our control of project management enable us to provide a global offer, from drafting the specifications to industrial management.


  • CAD
  • Work procedures
  • Analysis of value
  • Digital simulation
  • Analysis and functional dimensioning


Digital simulation is an essential element in the design of products or systems. From the pre-dimensioning of structures to the validation of chosen technical solutions, AMETRA Ingénierie, via its entity AMETRA Expression Numérique, has the skills and means to support clients during the design chain. AMETRA Ingénierie's design office and AMETRA Expression Numérique calculation centre have combined their skills to improve their project capacity and increase the synergy between expertise, design, calculation and measurements. 

AMETRA Expression Numérique's aims: modelling physical phenomena to better control them.


  • Study of how complex systems and objects in design stage function and their properties - without building a prototype.
  • Assessment of the benefits and risks of a technology, comparing different technical solutions.
  • Improving the quality of finished products and supporting their technical developments.
  • Optimisation of industrial processes.
  • Reduction of development and manufacturing costs.


Plastics enginnering in AMETRA Ingénierie groups all processes and techniques used to transform plastics. The technology is used in many sectors. Plastics enable the design of products with complex and innovative uses. From the specifications, AMETRA Ingénierie ensures the dimensions and technical definition of the product, working with our team of designers.

One aim: the development of a functional and different product, enabling our clients to offer consumers or users an innovative concept that meets their expectations.


  • Design, Files, Analysis of the value, Meeting specifications, etc...
  • Materials, Aesthetics, Cost, Mass, Functional, Industrial, etc...
  • Choice of materials & Technology
  • Model & Prototype
  • Industrial support



Reconciling creative talent, technological innovation and strategic thought. A design office and the skills of an engineering office in the same company.

The purpose of the creation work is indubitably the manufacturing of a credible and different product that highlights the ability of the company to offer clients, consumers and users an innovative product that meets their needs.

The raison d'être of creativity: improving sales. Creativity enables the product to evolve, through an attractive, clever and modern design - attractive and seductive - as well as lower the cost price and manufacturing costs.

The expected results of creativity:
imagination, innovation. Real creativity does not mean adapting an existing product, but rather inventing a product that expresses a strong concept, meets needs that are not satisfied, explicit or implicit, as well as provide solutions to solve malfunctions.


  • Analysis
  • Pre-project
  • Design
  • Expertise
  • Definition


The correct measurements for good design.

AMETRA Ingénierie's approach is based on two principles: a method demanding in functional analysis applied by all of our designers, and the respect of plan drawing rules defined by ISO standards. The implementation of these principles is supported by AMETRA Ingénierie experts. To maintain their expertise, AMETRA Ingénierie is a member of the Standardisation committee AFNOR "Geometric specifications of products: Dimensioning and Tolerancing".

Each year, AMETRA Ingénierie invests 900 hours in the training of its designers.


  • Standard training
  • Tailored training
  • Support days
  • Hotline
  • Expertise


  • Functional analysis
  • ISO dimensioning
  • Tolerancing


  • Tolerance Manager
  • CeTol


Our "Sector" expertise is linked to control in our project management, integrating a "P2P" management process developed in-house. It enables us to meet the results requirements on projects that involve the intervention of different jobs, from the development to manufacturing of products.

Our process is also reinforced by a Product Engineering Guide "G.I.P", which enables AMETRA Ingénierie's teams to work in simultaneous engineering mode, involving all sectors from the start stage of the project.