The AMETRA Group: our organisation's strength and symbiosis

The AMETRA Group currently employs close to 700 people, for a turnover of €50 M. This solid base, associated with private shareholders, enables us to look at investments required for our development and maintain our performance with serenity.

For 40 years, through to its organization and by capitalizing on the know-how acquired, the AMETRA Group has been proposing a packaged offer, combining an engineering dimension together with an industrial dimension.


AMETRA Group's vocation is to support companies in the design and development of innovative projects. By capitalising on a convergence of technologies, the group makes their know-how available to clients, bringing together different expertise, combined with a renowned industrial capacity.

Building on an entrepreneur spirit and moral values shared by the people it works with as well as a close and dynamic management style, AMETRA Group listens to clients and offers adapted solutions that meet their needs.


Our organisation highlights their technical skills, access to new technologies, an industrial know-how, controlling costs as well as storing our client's processes.

In order to meet our clients’ needs the AMETRA Group positions itself as a clear leader, capable to manage and deliver global contracts for the design and manufacturing of prototypes or mass production, of electrical or mechanical systems, as well as electronic cards.


Our staff is the AMETRA Group's main asset!

The strong values we promote in our social policy are improving and rewarding their skills, promoting creativity and the spirit of enterprise as well as playing a role in supporting the individual to thrive to serve a collective project. It is based on dialogue and recognition at all levels of our organisation (staff, managers, management committees, etc.).

Join us and contribute together to our development!

our references

  • NEXTER Systems
  • MBDA
  • DASSAULT Aviation
  • RATP
  • SNCF


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