Ametra integration's performance and its move up the value chain are based on the following 5 pillars.

The common denominator is operational excellence and performance:

  • Excellence in training, skill development and quality of work performed by our staff;
  • The complementarity and expertise of the Ametra Group's Design and Industrialization Departments to assess and identify optimal design solutions in Build To Specification projects;
  • Excellence in the organization and management of an international Supply Chain in order to optimize supply at our 3 production sites in France, Tunisia, and India;
  • Performance in project management, inventory management and production planning to ensure we meet the deadlines agreed upon with our clients;
  • Organization in UAPs on our 3 sites in order to ensure industrial performance;

OTD and service rate provided by Ametra Integration are therefore of a very high level and are recognized by our clients, as demonstrated by our satisfaction surveys.