The MBT project (Maquette d’essai de joint pour Bouchon Tournant - trial Model Rotating Plug seal) has been completed in compliance with our P2P project approach, which has now been reinforced by the Product Engineering Guide "GIP", enabling AMETRA Ingénierie teams to work in simultaneous engineering mode, and take into account the requirements of the following sectors: mechanics, control systems, electricity and manufacturing, from the start of the project.

AMETRA Ingénierie worked on the project from the pre-project stage to the definition file. We have also designed the assembly range, the user guide, as well as the analysis of the estimated cost (from the supplier consultations carried out by our panel).

The aim of the model is to :

  • Develop methods to measure the leakage rate
  • Describe how the seals work and are assembled
  • Describe the endurance of the seals dynamically
  • Test the seals in degraded working mode

From the requirements defined in our client's specifications, we have completed the following parts of the design project:

  • Production of the flow process grid and the operating manual
  • Definition of components
  • Kinetic calculation of the structure
  • Detailed design of the system
  • Mechanical aspect of the structure
  • Dimensioning of the liquid seal circulation loop
  • Estimation of costs and manufacturing deadlines

The model is now operational on our client's premises.