This project was completed in compliance with out P2P project, which is not reinforced by the Product Engineering Guide "G.I.P", enabling AMETRA Ingénierie to work in simultaneous engineering mode, to involve staff from all sectors: mechanics, control systems, electricity and manufacturing, from the start of the project.

This project required the involvement of suppliers to produce the mechanical structure.

AMETRA Ingénierie has developed and managed the manufacturing of a bulkhead assembly tool. This tool should also be compatible with another bulkhead reference. The project also included the design and manufacturing of drilling grids and interface supports for the complete assembly and detail jig and fixture.

The main designs were:

  • Analysis of the entry data and creation of the requirement table.
  • Functional analysis of tools
  • Intermediate design review
  • Production of the mechanical detail study: mechanical plans, BOM
  • Drafting of the acceptance testing procedure in compliance with AMETRA Ingénierie documents
  • Start of the drafting of a commissioning and user manual
  • Design review, final validation


The main parts of project completion were:

  • Manufacturing of mechanical parts
  • Integration of the mechanical part
  • Integration of tools
  • Trials and adjustments in the factory
  • "APAVE" regulatory checks