The project Battery Charger has been completed in compliance with our P2P project approach, which has now been reinforced by the Product Engineering Guide "GIP", enabling AMETRA Ingénierie teams to work in simultaneous engineering mode, and take into account the requirements of the following sectors: mechanics, control systems, power electronics and manufacturing, from the start of the project.

Throughout a preliminary project phase the project team is leaned itself against an expression of the customers need to center and establish a complete technical specification at the level “equipment”.

This project required the involvement of suppliers to produce the mechanical and electronic structure. The main parts of project design were:

  • Analysis of the entry data and creation of the requirement table
  • Functional analysis of the product
  • Study of the System: Architecture, fault tree, FMECA, reliability
  • Design & development of electrics / electronics / mechanics / feedback control and command systems of the embarked converter: 3D Mechanics and plans attached, Bill of materials, electric / electronic diagrams, software integration
  • Modeling, simulation & verifications of the modes of operation of the product
  • Manufacturing of the product according to the current regulation

The main parts of project completion were:

  • Dimensioning of electronic components & mechanical box
  • Modeling & Simulation of duty points
  • Manufacturing of electronic boards & mechanical box
  • Integration of electric and electronic parts in its box
  • Tests and adjustment of the electronics
  • Regulatory qualification

The main characteristics of the converter are:

  • DC/DC Power Converter type Bock Boost
  • Power components type MOSFET
  • Output power 28 V – 200 A max., approx. 5,6kW
  • CAN Interface
  • Very high efficiency technology (> 95%)
  • Reliability: High MTBF

This type of global project relies on the business experience of AMETRA Ingénierie’s engineering office.