AMETRA has checked the mechanical solidity of the "Duplex V2" walkway structure according to Eurocodes.

Scope of the service:

  • Analysis and appropriation of the existing structure and its documentation:
    • Structure diagrams
    • Materials used in the structure and mechanical characteristics
    • Mass of parts (guardrails, gratings, stairs, etc.)
    • Mass of equipment
    • Equipment fastening points on the structure
    • Description of the assemblies (screws, plates, weldings)
    • Description of the anchorings
    • Characteristics of anchorings' concrete
    • Load loading and lowering from various equipment to be taken into account.
  • Checking the mechanical hold of the structure
  • Checking the assembly and anchorings
  • Drafting the simplified calculation report presenting the preliminary results as well as proposals for possible reinforcements
  • Drafting the final calculation report


  • Modelling the structure
    • Excluding weld bead
    • In 3D spatial geometry by line and surface elements
  • Application of static loads from EUROCODES 0 and 1
  • Analysis of constraints and movement within the structure, checked according to EUROCODE 3
  • Calculation of reaction to load
  • Calculation of assemblies according to EUROCODE 3
  • Calculation of anchorings
  • Drafting the calculation report and the recommended reinforcements

 Checking the mechanical hold of the structure depending on the load:

  • Own weight
  • Operating load
  • Weight of snow
  • Wind
  • Combination of loads described above