The test bench project was completed in compliance with our P2P project approach, which is now reinforced by the Product Engineering Guide "G.I.P". This approach has enabled AMETRA Ingénierie to work in simultaneous engineering mode to involve all sectors (mechanics, electricity, automation, pneumatics and manufacturing), from the start of the project. The project team used the client's technical specifications and the technical requirements table drawn up between the client and AMETRA Ingénierie during the CAR stage. This project required the involvement of suppliers to produce the mechanical structure. The main parts of project design were:

  • Analysis of the entry data and creation of the requirement table.
  • Functional analysis of the test bench
  • Production of the architectural study (3D mechanics and electrical diagram)
  • Intermediate design review
  • Production of the detailed study: Mechanical plans, BOM, electrical and pneumatic diagrams
  • Production of SFCs, the HCI and programming of the automaton
  • Drafting of the acceptance testing procedure in compliance with AMETRA Ingénierie documents
  • Drafting of the commissioning, user and calibration manual
  • Design review, final validation

The main parts of project completion were:

  • Manufacturing of mechanical parts
  • Integration of the mechanical part
  • Manufacturing of the electrical cabinet
  • Integration of the electrical and pneumatic parts to the mechanical parts
  • Trials and adjustments in the factory
  • Standardisation test for CE marking
  • Calibration of the bench