The "Aircraft Electrical Power Management" project was completed in compliance with out P2P project, which is now reinforced by the Product Engineering Guide "G.I.P", enabling AMETRA Ingénierie to work in simultaneous engineering mode, to involve staff from all sectors: mechanics, control systems, electricity and manufacturing, from the start of the project. The project consisted in designing three "ESSENTIAL" power managements. AMETRA Ingénierie has been integrated to the client's development process: co-engineering to complete the preliminary and detailed design of the three "ESSENTIAL" pieces. AMETRA Ingénierie's main role was to take part in the development and expertise of manufacturing processes, such as:

  • on-board electricity
  • Mechanics and 3D integration of cables
  • Case & cabling integrated in design expertise

The main parts of project were:

  • Production of the electrical diagram of the 5 electrical power managements (tool: Schemelect)
  • 3D design of the 3 ESS cabinets under CATIA V5 + EHI Module:
    • - Mechanics: structure, integration of components, thermal, mechanical constraints and EMC
    • - Analysis of system needs: allocation and dimensioning of the power bars, aircraft interfaces
  • Integration of 3D cabling
  • 2D set-up and production of the technical specifications sheets for the 3 "ESSENTIALS" power managements

During the detailed and plan stages, prototypes were made by our clients.